This page contains links to a variety of useful external resources, from online lessons to datasets.


If you have a good question but need to know more to answer it, these online lessons may help.

Codecadamy contains a wide variety of useful lessons in programming. Of particular note is their Python course.

Numerical Physics for Mere Mortals
This is a brief introduction into computational physics by Rhett Allain, a Physics Professor at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Data Banks

The websites below host a plethora of fascinating data, waiting to be used. These datasets are about music, video games, sports, art, cars, cosmetics, astrophysics, chemistry, ice cream, issues of social justice, movies, politics, and so, so much more.


If you want a goal, consider aiming to enter one of the competitions listed here!

Citizen Science Projects

There are also a wide variety of ways to get involved in research without doing the analysis yourself. The best resource for this is the Zooniverse. Take a look through their projects and see if you find anything of interest.